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Fairfield Police Department and Detention Facility Information

For immediate inmate and bail information call,  (888) 224-5266.

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If you know someone who has been arrested in Fairfield, California and are looking for information on how to help them, please call (888) 224-5266.

Once a person is arrested in Fairfield, they will most likely be booked and processed at the Fairfield Police Department on 1000 Webster Street in Fairfield, CA 94533. Their phone number is (707) 428-7300.

If a bail bond is not immediately posted, the may be taken to either the Solano County Justice Center Detention Facility or the Solano County Claybank Detention Facility.

If you need to arrange a bail bond for someone arrested in Fairfield, it’s important to start the bail process ASAP by calling us at (888) 224-5266.

Solano County Claybank Detention Facility
2500 Claybank Road
Fairfield, California 94533

Solano County Justice Center Detention Facility
500 Union Avenue
Fairfield, California 94533

Fairfield Police Department
1000 Webster St, Fairfield, CA 94533

You can also call us directly at (888) 224-5266 and we will help you 24/7/365.

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